Delivering the ultimate durability, chemical and corrosion resistance, Cerakote coatings protect your investment, while providing a wide range of color options for customization.

Our Bay Area facility utilizes industrial grade ovens, specialized coating equipment, and professional applicators to ensure a perfect finish every time.

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The Cerakote Difference

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There are several Cerakote formulas each specifically formulated to meet different needs.


Cerakote H- Series Firearm Coatings

Designed for firearms to provide the ultimate resistance, this is an oven cure process.


Cerakote C- Series High Temp Firearm Coatings

Designed for optics and high temperature applications, this is an air cure process.

MC series

Cerakote MC- Series Clear Coating

Designed specifically to be the thinnest, yet strongest, clear coating on the market.

MS series

Cerakote Micro Slick Coatings

Designed to reduce friction on a variety of internal firearm components, such as bolts and bolt carriers.

The Cerakote Difference

Due to Cerakote’s unique formula, it outperforms alternative finishes, proven through a rigorous series of tests. Discover why Cerakote is the superior choice for firearm owners.



A measure of resistance to deformation after repeated impacts. Results have showed Cerakote products can withstand an impact of 160 in-lbs with no coatings loss.



A measure of resistance to sharp objects that could cut through the coating. The highest hardness rating is 9h, and test results have shown Cerakote performs to a 9H rating.



In testing, Cerakote withstood up to a 180° bend over a 1/8 inch mandrel with no signs of cracking, elongation or detachment from a steel panel.



A measure of resistance to repeated abrasion, Cerakote performs up to 7.5 times more resistant than other competitive coating brands in TABER abrasion tests.



Corrosion: In salt spray testing Cerakote lasted 11x longer than the nearest firearm finish competitor and 85x better than blueing and stainless steel, proving Cerakote is ideal for high humidity and salt water environments.

chemical resistance

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance: Cerakote has been tested to withstand exposure to lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, gasoline / diesel, brake cleaner, paint removers, denatured alcohol, HCL solution, ammonia, acetone, and more.

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Our facility in Brentwood, CA, located in the East Bay region, is dedicated to industrial and decorative coatings.

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