From the mild to the wild, hydrographics opens the door to endless possibilities to make your personal item distinctly yours, or your product line perfectly customized for your customer base.

Our Bay Area facility employs trained specialists, who understand the importance of every step in the application process, and apply the same level of detail and focus from prep through final buff, utilizing professional grade products and equipment.

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Our Process

our process

Your Options

The sheer number of options can be overwhelming to choose from, so feel free to contact one of our knowledge staff members to help you pinpoint that perfect finish.


Basecoat Options

The base coat color intensifies the colors in the selected film, and allows you to customize the look. If you are looking for something special, we can also dip over powder coating, chrome applications, existing finishes, or pre-colored plastics.

select a film

Film Image Options

From woods to metals, camos to carbon fibers, stones to flames, and everything in-between, there are thousands of films available in every possible style. To truly have a one-of-a-kind look, or to incorporate your corporate identity, custom designed films are also available. Click here to view several film options.

clear coat

Hydrographics Clear Coat Options

Matte, semi-gloss, full gloss, clear Cerakote, candy color, textured, and a variety of specialty options provide the final look and feel to your product, while providing a critical final protective layer.

Our Process

A hydrographics application is fundamentally a paint process, with the application of a liquefied ink image over the base paint, and finished with a clear coat applied over the image.  Learn more about the process below.

  • Hydro dipping allows a printed image to conform to a three dimensional surface, such as an automotive dashboard or helmet.
  • It is not a “sticker” application, such as vinyl car wraps.
  • A wide variety of materials can benefit from this process, such as plastics, metal, wood, stone, ceramics, glass and more.
  • The following terms are commonly used interchangeably in the market to refer to this process: water transfer printing, hydro dipping, camo dip, immersion printing, or cubic printing.
  • Our facility in Brentwood, CA, located in the East Bay region, is dedicated to industrial and decorative coatings.

Process Prep 1

Prep of the item to ensure proper adhesion, and a smooth uniform surface.


Process Prep 2

Application of a colored base coat to maximize the color and contrast richness of the film image.


Process Prep 3

Application of the image to the item by “hydro dipping” it through the liquefied ink floating on water.


Process Prep 4

A thorough cleaning of the product and preparation for clear coating.


Process Prep 5

Application of a clear coat finish to protect and enhance the final image appearance and durability.


When having a firearm undergo this process it is important to confirm the business has their Federal Firearms License (FFL). EXOlutions is proud to have been granted a FFL.

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Additional Information About Hydrographics

There are several additional terms that are used to describe the hydrographics process.  Additional terms that you may find include:

  • water transfer printing
  • hydro dipping
  • camo dipping
  • hydro-printing
  • cube printing
  • 3d printing

Areas Served

We service residents and businesses throughout the East Bay and Bay Area regions.